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‘Nuff said.

Not like there’s not more to say, but because I can barely move my fingers across the keyboard I am having so many simultaneous cows.

I’ll add links and maybe even full sentences below as/ if I can above, in a snippet of a post I published over at my workplace (do visit in its entirety, if you can!). Meanwhile hie thee to your favorite news or commentary source because this is the news of the hour, day, week, and hopefully, ELECTION.

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Choosing love over everything

I got a note this morning from my kids’ “grandbaba” Sandy, herself no stranger to Salon, alerting me to a piece by Mary Elizabeth Williams there: A homophobic mayor’s lesson in love.

Michigan mother Amy Weber addresses Troy, MI’s proudly heterosexist mayor with the kind of loving, measured, dead-on appeal to decency that any of us would want to make, on our best days:

“I always like to think of challenges like this as opportunities to grow,” she said, introducing her children to the assembly. Weber went on to explain that in her family, “We talk every day about different families and different types of people, and teaching respect and kindness. That is the heart that beats in our home. It’s about being kind, about choosing love over everything.” She then showed drawings that the girls had done for Daniels with the words “love” on them. Weber even added, “I would love to see you at the next gay pride parade, leading the march, saying … these are my brothers and sisters just like everybody else.”

Here’s her brief testimony:

Check out Williams’ post for more.

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A love story.

A brilliant two minutes of film from GetUp!, a multi-issue progressive Australian organization (along the lines of Courage Campaign here in CA).

The Advocate posted about it right after Thanksgiving

From the text on its YouTube page:

Please share this with friends and loved ones.  Donate to put on Australian tv: Sign petition:

A Texas gal wants to send 100,000+ signatures on a petition to the senior advisor to the CBS CEO to get this aired at the upcoming Superbowl. Even if popular demand doesn’t ordinarily determine what shows (or doesn’t) at the Superbowl, why not ask?

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Radio; infrequency


The author (far left), pleased as punch to be posing with (l-r) KALW San Francisco City Visions producer Lisa Denenmark, NCLR Executive Director Kate Kendell, City Visions host Joseph Pace, and Equality California Marriage Equality & Coalition Strategies Director Andrea Shorter, following the July 11, 2011 show “What’s Next for the Marriage Equality Movement in CA?” (Photo credit: Keiko Lane)


The photo above is visual punctuation on a really nifty event: I had the amazing opportunity a week ago to talk with KALW’s City Visions host Joseph Pace about the marriage equality movement in California alongside two of the smartest, most consequential women you’re going to find on the issue: NCLR’s Kate Kendell and EQCA’s Andrea Shorter. (I know, right? Pinch me! Wait! Don’t do that: it would just hurt.)

Producer Lisa Denenmark wanted me to speak to the big picture cultural matters that the issue brings up, and provide a first person and parental viewpoint to flesh out the top-notch legal and tactical vantage points provided by Kate Kendell and Andrea Shorter. So lord love me I did.

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Post-wedding party


So last weekend, just hours after New York state became the sixth in the union to recognize same-sex civil marriage, we attended a straight one which could just as easily have taken place in any of the fifty states. I know, funny, right? LGBT Pride weekend, and we go to a straight marriage. Whaddaya gonna do. Love, apparently, is love.

Fortunately there was a really nice Pagan overtone to the event, a simple and relatively succinct affair which took place in the back yard of a family friend of the bride’s, not far from Point Reyes Station in West Marin County. This is as picturesque a locale as you’re going to find in rural Northern California. God’s country, if you can call it that as a Pagan sympathizer.

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What my phone looked like in the wee hrs this AM, at the end of my date night. Text came in from a New Yorker chum at 7:53pm Pacific Standard Time (at which point my phone was off & in my pocket).  He sent the same text to my beloved (his old old friend), and probably to everyone in his damn phone (hi, Joseph! I KNOW you’re dancing your ASS off RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE).

And here’s what my inbox looked like:


I’d have images of immediate elation to share, rather than elation media-ated, if our date night was in the Castro. (I know! shocking that we weren’t! That’s what decades of being out and nearly 17 years together will do for ya! Sometimes you just go to a Sondheim show your partner’s music director did in a refurbished movie house that you watched all those Erroll Flynn movies in as a kid, 4.5 whole miles from the Castro in a totally straight part of town! Go figure!)

No analysis or commentary here tonight, though. Just a big wide smile for all the hard work folks done did out there. You deserve all the relief and joy you’re feeling. Happy Pride.

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For the record

An actual content-based post, for a change! But a quick one (the only way they’re gonna happen these days).

Equality California is polling folks in my fair state about their attitudes regarding a return to the ballot to repair the damage Proposition 8 wreaked upon our civil liberties.  Here’s how they put it:

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that they will not permit same-sex couples to marry while we wait for the California Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals to hear and consider the case. This announcement has sparked conversations about whether or not our state should wait for the courts to restore the freedom to marry for same-sex couples, or if we should overturn Prop. 8 at the ballot box.

Equality California is seeking input from the community and about the wisdom of moving forward with a ballot initiative. This survey is a first step in a process that will include research, conversations with coalition partners, town halls and further chances for input.

I have strong opinions about this matter, as longtime readers of this blog would know. The rest of youse: suffice to say that I wore the print off my fingertips over the battle to preserve marriage equality in CA in 2008, but also am NOT and, since Prop 13 gutted public funding for education when I was a youngster, never have been a fan of California’s proposition system to do anything besides inflame and exploit folks over inflammatory and exploitative issues.

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Short takes on the big break in the long fight

This is a victory for the American people; it’s a victory for our justice system.

That’s attorney Ted Olson, commenting on Judge Vaughn Walker’s ruling, released yesterday, that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional and violates the U.S. Constitution’s guarantees of due process and equal protection. Watch more of his remarks below (h/t, Joe. My. God.):

It is surely among the most personal and profound wins for our community. Judge Walker’s ruling eviscerates the baseless and empty arguments of our opponents. Walker found that there was simply no credible, rational, believable, or persuasive reason to take the right to marry away from same-sex couples. Our opponents had a team of very fine lawyers, and at the end of the trial, the evidence they presented in support of Prop 8 made abundantly clear that other than discomfort or hostility, there is no justifiable basis for excluding us from the same right to marry that’s enjoyed by every other couple in this country.

That’s part of Kate Kendell’s statement follwing the ruling. Read more at her blog here: “A Landmark Victory for Justice and Our Families.”

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