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Twenty blogiversary observations (plus video selfie)

IMG_4325This blog is by now comfortable with itself, in fact knows where it’s going, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It’s  running by now on a combination of whimsy and fellowship, so it is with whimsy and fellowship that I post this ditty so late on a Friday night it’s early Saturday morning, officially The Time When Nobody Ever Really Looks At Your Blog. I’ve always loved  thinking about this whole blogging enterprise as a series of (pause, while I tuck away and count) 1,190 messages in as many bottles. With this post, 1,191. Posting as erratically as I do, at the lowest possible traffickey moments, ensures that the bottles can pick up a nice distressed patina before any of y’all are drawn to the glint of light down there near your feet, as the bottle for a moment catches a bit of the sun.

Over the past seven itchy years, 5,904 times did someone or another pause–not just pause, but vault over and shimmy under the various WordPress hurdles I’ve placed in your way–to say, “Hey. I thought that, too.” Or maybe, “Who knew I wasn’t the only one who thought that? But did you think of this…” Or sometimes, “Really? Really?”

Seven-plus years into this whole bare as much of my soul as I feel comfortable baring out of a stubborn belief that it will help more than just myself thing, this whole chit-chat with strangers and friends about intimate things in a public forum thing, I find that many of the observations I made within the first year or so remain true:

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Christmas Lullaby

“Christmas Lullaby,” by Jason Robert Brown, performed by Mrs. Dad, eavesdropped after dinner early December 2010, our first Christmas in our newly established home. [Ed note: Once you start the video, double-clicking the image expands it to full screen, a decidedly mixed blessing since then you get more jostled by my improv'ed lo-tech iPhone cinematography.]

I re-posted this a year ago, and that was a repost from the year before. Still sweet, still–with the exception of the diapers on the boy–true.  Love to all who read and listen here.

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Same Love

If you haven’t seen this beautiful seven minute paean, here you go. Then, in a little over seven minutes from now, go to Washington United for Marriage and figure out how you can help, either by connecting to folks you know in WA, or by sending support from afar. THIS, folks, this is the election during which we turn the tide of hate. It’s about time.

Remember this gem from Australia?

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The Twelve Days of BlogHer ’12: 2

Driver waiting, Walter Kerr Theater, W 48th St, New York, NY.

The close observer will note that one of the stage door fans’ poster reads “A Little Night Music.” I had just seen this musical inside with none other than Elisa Camahort Page, BlogHer co-founder, who had casually offered on Twitter that she was going, and did anyone else want to go, and I went, well heck yes I want to go, that’s Bernadette Peters and Elaine Stritch in one of Sondheim’s greatest pieces! Mrs Dad will seethe in jealousy, but still! Count me in!

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Weekend bonus shot (Monday edition), 05.07.12

Kyle’s über-glittery, disco-fabulous shoes, NCLR Anniversary Dinner, San Francisco, CA.

My fondest, or close to my fondest hope this week is that I’ll be able to wrestle some time to tell you a bit about the young man filling these. Though they may look to be no bigger than a size 6 or 7, rest assured, they are in actuality enormous.

Why? Kyle goes to high school in the Anoka-Henepin School District in the Northern (read: Michelle Bachman) suburbs of Minneapolis, the one with the cluster of eight homophobic harrassment-induced suicides in two years (a concise background here at BlogHer; a lengthy, rich piece at Rolling Stone).  Either because of or in spite of enduring withering harassment, you decide, Kyle stood with a handful of his peers to fight the “don’t say gay” policy there which helped enable the district to become a crucible for anti-gay hate.  In early March this year they won an agreement from the school district in a case argued by attorneys from National Center for Lesbian Rights.  NCLR honored him and his fellow defendants at their 35th Anniversary dinner and party last Saturday night, and make no mistake, these young people were received like the towering heroes they are.

‘Til I can wrestle the time to tell any of this in further detail, here’s the recent New York Times piece on the agreement that was reached. Below, Kyle speaks for himself in an interview posted at the Southern Poverty Law Center’s YouTube channel:

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Christmas Lullaby

“Christmas Lullaby,” by Jason Robert Brown, eavesdropped after dinner early December last year. [Ed note: Once you start the video, double-clicking the image expands it to full screen, a decidedly mixed blessing since then you get more jostled by my improv'ed lo-tech iPhone cinematography.]

I couldn’t help but re-run this sweet gem which I first posted a year ago. Still sweet, still–with the exception of the diapers on the boy–true.  Love to all who reads and listens here.

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Choosing love over everything

I got a note this morning from my kids’ “grandbaba” Sandy, herself no stranger to Salon, alerting me to a piece by Mary Elizabeth Williams there: A homophobic mayor’s lesson in love.

Michigan mother Amy Weber addresses Troy, MI’s proudly heterosexist mayor with the kind of loving, measured, dead-on appeal to decency that any of us would want to make, on our best days:

“I always like to think of challenges like this as opportunities to grow,” she said, introducing her children to the assembly. Weber went on to explain that in her family, “We talk every day about different families and different types of people, and teaching respect and kindness. That is the heart that beats in our home. It’s about being kind, about choosing love over everything.” She then showed drawings that the girls had done for Daniels with the words “love” on them. Weber even added, “I would love to see you at the next gay pride parade, leading the march, saying … these are my brothers and sisters just like everybody else.”

Here’s her brief testimony:

Check out Williams’ post for more.

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A love story.

A brilliant two minutes of film from GetUp!, a multi-issue progressive Australian organization (along the lines of Courage Campaign here in CA).

The Advocate posted about it right after Thanksgiving

From the text on its YouTube page:

Please share this with friends and loved ones.  Donate to put on Australian tv: Sign petition:

A Texas gal wants to send 100,000+ signatures on a petition to the senior advisor to the CBS CEO to get this aired at the upcoming Superbowl. Even if popular demand doesn’t ordinarily determine what shows (or doesn’t) at the Superbowl, why not ask?

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