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Yet another nifty thing off the internet

Erm. Cool visual used to be here (okay, from Jan 23 ’til late Jan 28) but you’ll have to link to it below to see it, since it may have been lousing up some folks’ Internet Explorer-mediated connections to this page? ?

Made from words in Obama’s inaugural speech, and found here. Thanks to granolasusan’s Twitter stream.  Press the “click to interact” jobbie and you’ll see it more clearly, and be able to fiddle with the words a bit.  Puts one to mind of Edward Tufte, just a little bit.

[And here, Stanley Fish offers a more analytical than visual take on the speech. Winding up, interestingly, at a point quite nicely depicted by the image above.]

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The tenacity of hope

What the man said, in 1978, not long before his assasination [with some gratuitous modern editorializing]:

Without hope, not only [white] gays, but those [nongay] Blacks, and the Asians, and the disabled, the seniors — the “us’s — the “us’s” — without hope, the us’s give up.  I know that you cannot live on hope alone.  But without it, life is not worth living.  And you, and you, and you have got to give ‘em hope.

Thanks to Sara at Suburban Lesbian Housewife for my first viewing of this. 

And, in related news, we also have her to thank for alerting me to a link to an amicus brief to the California Supreme Court in defense of Prop 8 by a woman who’s an “heiress of The Almighty Eternal Creator,” on behalf of the almighty G_d him/herself.  Not kidding here.  Read it and weep.  And then don’t loose grip on that hope that Brother Harvey just instilled in you.  

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Some timely borrowed content re: the alien landing we saw last night on the TV*

From Aden Nak, courtesy Tagen Goddard. Though it’s also on DailyKos.

The chart is prefaced by a cathartic rant/critique which, while it suffers from an unfortunate dip in rhetorical grace in the opening ¶, courtesy a ripple of unchecked misogyny, is peppered with some interesting insights and a nice Supreme Court case run-down.

For those of us scratching our heads and wondering what the hell just happened, and/or those of us who spent the vice presidential debate last night yelling at the TV time & again that “That wasn’t an answer! That was yet another meaningless cliché!” this does a tidy job of summing it up.


* [Addenda in the comments.]

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Up and down and round and round


Talkin’ about the economy, talkin’ about national presidential politics, talkin’ about Baba’s state of mind. Not like you needed to have this spelled out, but menopause + the current economic and political drama = wild toggling between Baba’s paired impulses to either FREAK OUT! or CALM DOWN!

Since I’m still in Work Deadline Lockdown for at least another week, I’ll flesh out the meager content here with a YouTube video whose title matches part of the post title.  (“It was weeks and weeks of Prop 8 harangues and infernal YouTube videos! I couldn’t wait ’til election day and she started to post proper essays on a range of topics again, like a normal person!”).

The infernal YouTube video below is the 1984 glam metal song “Round and Round,” by Ratt. It has no more thematic connection to today’s post than Tuesday’s Sarah Silverman – “Great Schlepp” video had to Tuesday’s. Except you could focus on this one line in the song that’s kind of cheery, when construed to be prophetic about Obama’s election: “I knew right from the begining/ that you’d end up wining.”  

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Living history*

We all sat around the room at my sister’s house, postponing dinner for nearly an hour.  Our ages ranging from 1.5 years to 87, tweenagers and a teenager, thirty-somethings and forty-somethings and sixty-somethings, and we all of us watched, only the 1.5 year old not riveted.

 I am so proud that this may be my daughter’s first recollectable memory.  

* [Later note]: Much commentary today about a lot.  Some distraction, certainly, by the Hail Mary VP choice by McCain (if I asked my daughter to spell “desperate,” and she spelled out P-a-l-i-n, I wouldn’t correct her, let’s put it that way).  

This piece, “Witnessing History” by Devilstower on DailyKos, was touching.  A very nice detail.

One of my favorite bits of commentary was “When You Grow Up…” by brownsox on DailyKos, who wraps up a piece on the mythologizing about Democratic disunity (yup: another corporate media plot!) this way:

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Computer screen worth watching

Apropos of nothing in particular about lesbian parenting, and everything in general about the world I hope my kids will grow up into, Michelle Obama’s speech from Monday:

and this herstoric speech, from the Contender, last night:

both courtesy The New York Times.

The great benefit of the Times version is that it has a running transcript next to it.

Watched both with the kids on the lap this morning. They applauded whenever the crowd did, which was a lot. Little guy for the fun of it. I think his older sister, too.

When she asked who they were, I said, “Really smart women who may be President one day. Like you.”

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We interrupt this parenting blog to crow about a well-placed lesbian television and radio commentator

I don’t even watch television, but a friend has been saying for months, “Don’t you know about Rachel Maddow?! You have to! Brilliant!  Progressive!  Out dyke!  From your home town fer Chrissakes!  On television! Go watch her right this very instant and then report back.”

Sadly, the years of Rachel Maddow’s ascension in broadcasting have more or less paralleled my years either in family crisis or early parenthood or both. So I’d been a bit tuned out. Also, we moved the TV from one room to another about a year or two ago, and managed never to really plug it back in again, beyond hooking up the DVD player. We can’t have the child watching Dottie’s Magic Pockets on my computer here, now can we?

But I succumbed to the peer pressure, checked out Rachel Maddow (pictured at right — see? you think I’m kidding? she’s like, like, like US!), and hot darn was I not disappointed. She reminded me of my smartest chums, laying into [name the topic] with gusto and good humor and insight and research to back it all up. Ah, my peeps.

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Just in time for Pride!


Yeah, well, so.

In lieu of selling ads, and also in lieu of selling my organs, I will commence a six-month trial period during which I will sell SWAG (dedicated LD page here). With snappy slogans and captions on it. All of which to try to underwrite put a dent in the cost of publishing this blog, which I love to do, but cannot afford without some help.

I figure heck: people wear clothing, right? And get some of it for their kids and friends, right?

So go check this stuff out. We got us a dozen peppy slogans and they just keep comin’. Right in time for Pride, if you rush the delivery! You can rest easy, knowing that the extremely modest proceeds of the sale will help defray the publishing costs of indie, lesfam new media. Er, meaning yrs truly.

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