Privacy policy & all-purpose disclaimer

Privacy policy.

I respect the privacy of anyone I make reference to in these pages. I ought to: I include neither my own name nor those of any family members here.

Any time you do read a name, or see an image, that person (and/or her/his parent) has given me direct permission to use their name or image here.

The exception, of course, is standard journalism: names and images may appear without direct permission if the person enjoys (or suffers from) what is broadly understood as a “public profile,” and is otherwise already in the public eye. Photographs may appear of people in the public sphere (as v. the privacy of our backyard or our preschool, say). But even then, I give some thought to folks’ integrity, and the tacit implications of the image.

Likewise, I won’t share your email if you “register” to comment (I won’t even use it to write you directly and beg you to vote for me for some wacky blogular popularity contest! I was tempted once, but I held fast!).

All-purpose disclaimer.

LesbianDad is a personal essay/photography blog, and its contents — textual and photographic — are produced by a gal who means no harm to anything other than ignorance and mean-spiritedness (see above). After years of funding this out of my pocket, I finally began to run ads on this to help defray the costs, but that’s all they do: help cut down the costs. I don’t review any products or do any remotely producty endorsementy things, so there’s nothing to report on that front.

What I say herein does not constitute any kind of legal or medical advice, though I hope there’s wisdom of some value.  It also does not represent any beliefs or opinions of my employer (as of February 2011, BlogHer, Inc.), since (a) I published  this thing for a good five years self-employed, so I have a running start finding and expressing my own beliefs, (b) I’m principled as all get-out, and (c) my employer has more than enough opportunity to get its beliefs or opinions out into the internet-reading world! Understatement!

If I missed an attribution or link for text or photography that’s other than my own, it was an oversight, and I’d love to be corrected.

Any links to other sites take you there of your own volition, and I’m not responsible for what you find on ‘em (nor do I necessarily advocate their content by linking to them, and that goes double if they’re poorly written).


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