Go ‘Bama!


[Post to follow, after all the pageantry of it all.  For now: just, wow.]

Okay and meanwhile I can’t resist the random live tweet.  Though I’m guessing all tweets are de facto live?


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  1. virgotex January 24, 2009 at #

    Your “Share This” thangy doesn’t include Tumblr.

    Is it okay with you if I link to the photo in my Tumblr? {Which is now, btw, my blog of record. }

    lemme know

  2. Lesbian Dad January 24, 2009 at #

    Youbetcha bygum!


    And now I have to go look up what a Tumblr is, something previously known only to me as conveyor of Scotch. I never said I weren’t slow on the uptake.

  3. rreagler January 28, 2009 at #

    I adore this photo!

    VirgoTex, you have a new blog?

  4. Lesbian Dad January 28, 2009 at #

    Ooo! Yes! I figured it out! She’s here:


    As a visual, non-texty alternative, from time to time, to virgotex.net.

    Fascinating, this web of interwebs.

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